Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Ood

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Ood is known as the leader of the Society of Believers in Truth, a malevolent character with a top hat and an ax in his hands, whom the Boyfriend must defeat in a musical battle of rhythms to show him that he is not joining. his cult and get away from him forever. This is an awesome full week mod that features the following songs for your enjoyment. Boyfriend VS Ood, the battle between music and truth! You can play this game either in story mode where you have weeks in which you have to complete the week by winning one song after another or just go to free play mode and choose any song from the list and just have a fight. no dialogue or cut-scenes. When the arrow symbols above BF's head match each other, you need to press the same arrow keys on your keyboard and keep doing this until the end of the song to win. If you miss keystrokes too many times in a row, you will lose, so be careful not to let that happen. Good luck! Mod Developers: BosszaHdv2: Host/Writer Taeyai: Host jeng_battery: Artist/Coder BIGREMIX: BallRemix Composer: Overnai Composer: Von Artist Pazulol: Master of Ood

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