Friday Night Funkin vs Ozie

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Ozi is a reality TV star who has friends who are good at music like herself, so she and her friends are now challenging Boyfriend in a musical battle of rhythms, in which you again have to help our protagonist win, and then what we invite everyone to do right now with Friday Night Funkin vs Ozie! Let's see if you can get a better beat than Ozi and her friends! You're going to use the arrow keys to hit the notes of the songs, so when it's your turn and you see the arrow symbols above the BF matching each other, that's exactly where at this point you also need to press the same arrows, and if you do this before the end of the song, you will win. Be careful with missed notes, because if you have too many in a row, you will lose the game and have to start over. Choose between story mode and free play mode, then start pushing this game to the max like we know you do with all of them! Mod developers: Daxen: Artist/Animator/Director OPgarbage: Composer shadowfi: Programmer Vero: Vocal Assistance (Song 1) 4NO3: Vocal Assistant (Song 2) Yume Ume: Vocal Assistance (Song 3) ChocoholicMonkey: Promo Artist Annemator: Voice Actress

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