Friday Night Funkin’ VS Pibby Tord

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Pibby's virus has corrupted Tord and since this is the world of FNF Games, the only way he can get back to normal is to help Boyfriend beat them in a battle of rhythms right now, which is what you have to do in a song called 'Red-Death'! BF VS Pibby Tord, let's beat corruption! As the song progresses, when it's your turn to sing, you'll see matching arrow symbols above BF's head, the point where you need to hit the same arrow keys to hit the notes. Keep hitting notes until the end of the song to win, but be aware that if you miss a few notes in a row, you will lose and have to start over. Good luck and all the best to everyone! Mod Credits: BlikiEX: Programmer & Owner SuperBonk06: Artist & Animator Bluebird: Composer & Charter

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