Friday Night Funkin vs Robo

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It's a great day to have fun playing online FNF games for free on our website and we hope you all start doing it right away with the addition of Friday Night Funkin vs Robo where you challenge another robot under music. Battle, of course, is not the first of them, and you will do it in the following songs. Can you defeat the robot with music? To start, choose between story mode and free play mode, then do your best to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes according to the diagrams, which you do by pressing the arrow keys at the same time as the identical arrow symbols coincide over the head of BF. Remember that if you don't hit those keys too many times in a row, it will cause you to lose the whole battle, so don't let that happen to anything in the world! Mod Developers: Creator: Xyle: Creator, Music Producer, Charter Cirtraxx: PJ9DTHEIII Main Coder: Shiba Chichi Coder: Mauricio187xd Artist: OhSoVanilla Artist: SereBeat Animation Assistance: Cutscene Artist

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