Friday Night Funkin’ VS The Game Master

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Entity 99 is a jester doll that comes from the original game known as The Backroom and is the newest antagonist that you and Boyfriend will have to defeat in a rap battle, which we invite everyone to do right now with a game called Friday Night Funkin V. WITH. The Game Master, where you will be presented with two songs where you can enjoy the battles: Do your best to defeat the evil jester with the help of rhythm! This game can be played either in story mode or free play mode, it's your choice and you have the goal to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes in any of them. To do this, watch out for when the arrow symbols above the BF match up and press the same keys, but be aware that if you don't do it too many times in a row, you will lose the game. Enjoy! Mod Developers: Sunspirat: Artist, Charter, Programmer Doroido Rui: OxygeB_Boi Main Menu: SamuelPastelMan Gamemaster Tracks: Level 0 & 389 Fizz Wizz: Level 389 Neon Light Effort

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