Friday Night Funkin’ vs The Hacker Man

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Some human hacker tried to get into Guy's account so now our main character needs your help to defeat him and get his data back, something you will do with what BF knows best and that is music, so defeat this new antagonist in all of the following cases. custom songs designed for GJ Jam. Show the hacker that music is more than math, it's art! Well, whether you face this new character in story mode or free play mode, you have the same goal – to defeat him by reaching the end of the songs, which will only happen if you play correctly all his notes, following the charts. To do this, press the arrow keys at the same time as the arrow symbols above BF's head match up, but be careful not to miss pressing them too many times in a row, as this will cause you to lose the game. Good luck, enjoy! Mod Developers: BoinkBonk – CraeYT Character Art – Gagateau666 Background Image – Mr_NoL UI Art – Song 2 Zomboi5801 – Song 3 shadyunleashed – Voice ThePickledOne – Graphics

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