Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Uprank

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Uprank is a wizard who has a purple suit and a purple hat, his eyes are purplish yellow and his head is just a white block, and not only his appearance is interesting, but also his songs in which you will play against him. in this new rhythm game in the first week of play or in free play mode, it's up to you. Learn the FNF rules to beat this or any other game in the series! To win musical battles where you play as a boyfriend, you need to have a better rhythm than the antagonist, and in order to do this, you will have to press the arrow keys when the floating arrow icons match above the character's head. This is how you play the notes of the songs at the right time in the chart, but be aware that if you miss playing too many notes one after the other, you will lose and have to start all over again. Good luck to each of you and wish you lots of fun! Mod Developers: Uprank (artist, composer, charter) guizinho_martinez (Owner of advanced Kade engine)

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