Friday Night Funkin’ X Touhou 2

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Touhou anime series has many characters that can be included in FNF music game so now we have all such third game for you as our admin team is happy to share with you all mod known as Friday Night Funkin' X Touhou 2 with three new full weeks, eleven songs in total. Help the boyfriend to fight and defeat all Touhou characters! You can choose to play these songs in either story mode or free play mode, it's completely up to you and in both of them you have the same goal to reach the end of the songs and turn the progress bar towards you plays all the notes . This is done with the arrow keys, the keys you have to press at the same time as the arrow symbols above the BF match each other and if you keep doing this until the end of the song you will win. Of course, this means that you have to be careful not to hit the wrong keys or mistime it, because if you do it too many times in a row, you will lose the game and have to start all over again. Mod Developers: Bapt59: Chief Developer Zun: Touhou KadeDeveloper: Kade Dev Engine Slightly Creative: BF Soundfont Rozebud: Reimu Voices (From Mom's B-Sides Remix Sound) Btbrid01: Pico Soundfont BrightFyre: Very Useful Midi Lessons kkcwkoh: Colorful Path icebhm23230: midi Dream Battle liisnoob – XG: Stash Star Midi midi aoba-ss: Oriental Dark Flight gondayu: Magus Night midi ryoya1295: Midi Sea Lauren chan: Pure Rage midi Kitaichi Rei: Pandemonic Planet midi

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