Friday Night Inverted

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The world of FNF has just been a mess, and it is that various characters have been swapped, both in the roles they take on and in appearance, so you can see things like a boyfriend character who has there is a Hex head, Girlfriend looks like Sarv, Papa is a Monster, Pico is a Pump, Senpai is a Mom, Skid is a Tankman, Alcohol is a Bob and many more! Win all rhythm battles to return the characters to their original form! Choose to fight new characters in either Story More Mode or Free Play Mode, and play all the notes of the songs when it's your turn so that you get to the end of the songs, the progress bar will change in your favor, and you win! When the arrow symbols above Hex Boyfriend match up, that's the point where you have to hit the same arrow keys and you have to keep doing that until the end of the song to win, but if you miss it too much, you lose. Good luck to you all, and we hope you, like us, have a lot of fun with this game! Mod Developers: Mlops: Founder/Main Artist Vinnie124578: Director Damdust ^_^: Artist #1 Papaya244: Artist #2 Roaming_Pikachu: Artist #3 postmates64: Artist #4 NicoPico: Artist #5 UrMomLolFunnies: Artist #6 UnderTheMan: Artist #7 kitcaato: Artist #8 L00GEY: Charter #1 Geek_yy: Charter #2 WDG_Hunnysaber: Charter #3 ChillSpace: Musician #1 Who cares; Musician #2 maddix: Musician #3 emeraldblue: Musician #4 codin_dragon: Coder #1 xzh3r: Coder #2 Halobeast10: Voice of Uncle L. Draven419: Voice of all other male characters MM voice flare_is_cool: dialogue recorder

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