Friday Night Strikin’ Mod (Persona 5 style)

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FNF mods from Persona 5 weren't included here, but since it's one of the biggest video games in the world, we're not at all surprised by this crossover, as it should have arrived at some point. The guy and the characters he faces here with your help are now getting a new Persona 5 look when it comes to their design, and you're facing those familiar faces in fresh new songs: You're Stronger (Dearest Dad) Daredevil (Pump & Skid) What do you want (Pico) Let's hit musically with BF and Persona 5! If you face these characters in story mode or free play mode, you will only win if you reach the end of the songs, and for this you need to play all your notes according to the diagrams. This means that when you see a match of arrow symbols above BF's head, you will have to press identical arrow keys. Be careful not to skip too many notes in a row, because if that happens and the song messes up, you'll lose and have to start over from scratch, which we don't hope will happen, but if it does, good luck next time! Enjoy! Mod Credits: ArcticBlu: co-director, musician, charter rblox: co-director, programmer, artist, charter Derpling: Artist Avioid: Artist spacepatrolhana: Artist Literally NoOne: Musician tictacto: Musician NinKey: Artist ItoSaihara: Artist meow: Artist JonTheWhis: Composer Plimco: Artist Spadovich: HenrySL Translator: RatFloppa Translator: Plutonius Artist: Itz Roger Charter: Mercury Charter: DiscWraith Artist: JustFaye Artist: Kryptos Artist: Erin Lef Artist: Voice Actress chaisoma: JobaDeHut Voice Actor: Voice Actor

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