Friday Night Synthin’

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There is no doubt that synth instruments will always be truly popular in the world of music, so of course they will be heavily focused on some online FNF games, as is happening now with a high quality and really fun mod known as Friday Night Synthin' where The Guy needs your help with a song known as Synthetic-past! Help BF master the rhythm of synth music! Press the play button since there is only one song, that is, there is only one mode, and do your best to reach the end by playing all its notes according to the diagrams, for which you will use the arrow keys. How? Well, when the arrow symbols above the BF match up with each other, you will be pressing the same arrow keys on your keyboard, and you need to keep doing this until the song ends. If you miss these notes too many times in a row, you will miss the song, lose it, and never reach the end. We wish you all the best, good luck and, as always, hope to see more here! Mod developers: TashaGamer: Spriter / Playtester BrunoSP10: Screenwriter amaarzadjali: Musician / Artist BG Porter806: Menu / Logo / Promo / Cutscene artist DylqnModz: Coder / Charter / Owner

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