Friday Night Tootin’

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One of the coolest FNF remakes to hit our website lately is definitely the Friday Night Tootin Remake where some familiar faces can return to beat up Boyfriend in a rhythm battle and while their design might change a bit as this game looks A much more cartoonish, most striking change is the various exotic tools that the antagonists will be holding in their hands. Deal with Boyfriend and his musical rivals! Once you have chosen between playing the story mode or the free play mode, in either case, try to reach the end of the songs by playing all of their notes according to the diagrams, as only then will you win as the missing ones. If you hit too many notes in a row, you will lose the whole game. To do this, when the arrow symbols above the BF match, you must press the same arrow keys, just like this. As we said before, be careful not to skip keystrokes too many times in a row. Good luck, enjoy! Mod Developers: SimplySwitch: Charter Huuwi: DyDebian Musician: Coder Hamd: Artist #1 Comgaming_Nz: Artist #2 Tyler Riddle: Artist #3 KadeDeveloper: Kade Engine

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