Hololive Funkin’: Ina Week

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INA is currently one of the most loved thug anime we know you want more of, so of course we're very excited to have her featured in our website's latest FNF Mod Online, a mod called Gololiwa Funkin Ina Week. where you can challenge her to various songs to escape the world of Anitube: Guy vs. Ina, fighting fight! When you see that the arrow symbols above the BF head match each other, that's exactly the time you also need to press the same arrow keys, since that's exactly how you play the song notes according to their schedules, and if you keep on it until the song doesn't end, you become the winner. Be careful not to miss pressing too many keys one after the other, because if that happens, you'll have to start over from scratch, and you might not want to, right? Good luck and enjoy! MOD developed by: Tressa: director / primary artist Lam: secondary artist Codes: primary programmer / primary charter Quessle: secondary programmer Asari: primary musician Holo Bass: secondary musician Tacocat: beta tester

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