Night of the Funky Bot v2

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Funky Bot is back, this time with two more weeks and more songs for you, as it's the second iteration of the original FNF mod, which we're not surprised to see, given that the character and his music became very popular very quickly, and , as you might expect, we've wasted no time in bringing you this new version! Defeat Funky Bot once again, this time with even more songs! Enter the story mode or select any song you want in the free play mode and do your best to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes along the way, following the diagrams accordingly. This is done with the arrow keys, the keys you have to press at the same time with the arrow symbols above the BF matching. Be careful not to press the arrow keys too many times in a row because that means you will end up losing the game. Enjoy! Mod Developers: SleepyPlayer16: Composer, Artist, Charter, Programmer KadeDeveloper: Kade Engine, Damn Paperkitty: Kapi StardustTunes: Beyond the Stars Remix Abigail Blythe: JustRichærd Voiceover: Minus Lane Design

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