Ragdoll Duel 2P

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Although our website has had two player shooting games for a long time, we really haven't had one as unique and interesting as the game we are very happy to share with you right now, which can be quite fun and completely different from the one what you are used to, what you probably already could tell by the title: Ragdoll Duel 2P! Become the best ragdoll! If the second person option is not available, you can always play alone against the computer with the 1P model, but if you choose the better mode, 2P, one of you uses the up arrow to shoot and the other one uses the W key. The two ragdolls you control, red and blue, will randomly move your hands up and down, and when you press these keys, they shoot. Try to time your shots so that you hit the other player. Of course, your goal is to knock the other player down multiple times until their health bar is completely down, at which point you'll be the winner. Win more rounds than the participant and overcome all difficulties! Good luck, we wish you all the best and definitely invite you to stay and have more fun as we keep you going day by day!

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