Saturday Night Swappin’

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As the name of this new FNF mod suggests, not only does it take place on a Saturday, but it also swaps different characters and their roles so you have new protagonists, new missions, new villains to defeat, and of course. fresh music for you and we are confident that you will do it from start to finish. Let's have some fun on Saturday night! In story mode or free play mode, try to reach the end of the songs, play all the notes according to the charts and win once you do it accurately. This means that you have to watch for when the arrow symbols above the protagonist's head match up and then press the same arrow keys on the keyboard until the end until the song ends. If you don't want to lose, make sure you don't hit the wrong keys too many times in a row, as this will mean a definite loss after a few such mistakes. Enjoy!

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