Senpai and Monika Kissing

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There has always been tension between FNF senpai and DDLC Monica and the two anime characters are finally getting together, which means they always want to kiss each other to show their love, but annoying people keep hiding so make sure they Don't get caught or seen while you're playing this game! Don't let anyone catch Senpai and Monica Kissing! You're going to make it through three levels, each representing a new location, and the number of people disturbing them, as well as the speed at which they appear, will increase from one stage to the next, so things will get more difficult, but also even more fun! Click and hold the left mouse button to kiss the two, doing this until the love bar is completely full, but be aware that when you are not kissing, it slowly decreases. Be sure to stop kissing when you see characters nearby watching you, such as a tanker, because if that happens, the entire level will be lost right there. We hope that you will meet the right time, as well as your attention, and then you will continue to have a lot of fun from start to finish, as always with our wonderful games!

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