Wii Funkin’: Wiik 4 (Fanmade)

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It's time for you to take on the great Wii Sports Matt again, whose fan-made Week 4 has just arrived and you can all enjoy it for free on our website, and we're sure you'll really enjoy it, all the more so that this mod has cool songs like. Can you defeat Samurai Matt in rhythmic combat? After choosing between story mode and free play mode, in any case, do your best to reach the end of the songs by playing all of their notes, because that's how you achieve victory. To do this, you make sure that the floating arrow symbols match above the BF's head, and at the same time, you press identical arrow keys on the keyboard. Be careful not to skip this several times in a row, as this will lead to losing and having to start all over from scratch. Good luck and we definitely hope to see you here today! Mod Developers: Rosebud: programming, music, art, animation, graphics Cval: programming, plotting aybeff: Music squeak_: Music fluffy hair: Music foodieti: Music paciofd: Art Jams3D: Animation elikapika: Art NeatoNG: Art Pincers: Art Special Thanks Soulair: original matte mod

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